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Fusion consultant is the leading Kenya supplier of educational support materials, teaching aids, learning resources, and school tablets. Our customers are Primary schools, High schools, colleges as well as parents either in a private or home schooling capacity.

In addition, Fusion consultant hosts teacher’s workshops led by experts in the field of education on a wide range of topics. We understand the importance of training and know that through knowledge you can inspire children on their road to adulthood.

We aim to bring the world’s best digital aid to schools through supply of affordable IT equipment and Technology


When choosing from the hundreds of laptops for sale at Best Buy, it helps to think about what you plan to use it for. For school and casual use word processing, small applications and Web surfing, you might want to consider the light weight and low cost of a Netbook. Our Netbooks have the latest Windows Operating system (Windows 10) and are pre-installed with Ms-Office.


Tablets provide a great opportunity and platform to transform learning among the young people and enable them to be more innovative and creative. Our Almax Tablets are portable, powerful, affordable, easy to use, and bring an astonishing arsenal of learning tools to pupils/students fingertips.

Smart Boards

Our interactive smart board turns a typical classroom into a fun learning environment by providing hands on collaboration and visual learning setting.The student’s learning experience is enhanced by this technology because of its ability for students to view diagrams, charts, videos and more, right on the huge screen in front of them.

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